Solve the Customer Behaviour Equation. Find the NEED!

DeepNeed is an AI-based platform for increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn for brick-and-mortar retailers.
The only requirement is a Transaction history
With DeepNeed we proved that customers' purchase history is all that is needed to build a precise customer behaviour portrait. For the core AI-algorithms to work properly platform requires access to anonymised transaction history. And that's all!
No more delayed reactions
DeepNeed platform analyses transaction history of a client at the day of his last purchase. In case if any negative changes in client's behaviour occurred you can act immediately to retain him… or let the platform decide what is the best time to contact each client.
All types of sales and offers
From AI-based personal product recommendations to general sale notifications. DeepNeed collects and analyses all historical advertisement campaigns and predicts potential response for future ones based on multiple custom parameters.
Avoid spam and undelivered messages
Some clients don't read e-mails. Some clients hate to receive an SMS a day. Feels relatable? DeepNeed chooses the best fitting communication channel and amount of messages for each client to reach highest ad campaign response possible and decrease campaign costs.
Fast and easy integration
Depending on what CRM system is used, DeepNeed will present its results in the most fitting form — from csv lists to complex reports.
All types of databases
Cloud-based (DeepNeed API) or standalone solution
Separate front-end or integrated into popular CRM systems
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Meet our team
  • Vsevolod Markov
  • Sergey Vinogradov
  • Ivan Markov
    Co-founder, Team Lead
  • Alexey Chekmachev
    Data Scientist
  • Dmitriy Usov
    PM, Senior Front-end Developer
  • Pavel Sinai
    Senior Back-end Developer
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